About me (and You, the Entrepreneur)

Hi. My name is Anil Sethi.  I’m an entrepreneur, author and an academic.

Flisom, Solarzellen mit Portrait Anil Sethi Duebendorf 04.02.2010 (KEYSTONE/GAETAN BALLY)

I help companies to instil entrepreneurship as a basis for sustained competitive advantage. I also advise startups and technology companies, so if you’re trying to figure out a growth strategy or need help in fund-raising, drop me a line.

Not putting too much information about myself, since this blog is supposed to be about you.  If you’re heading this, you have likely recognised the spark within yourself. Visionaries are special in that they are led by their own True North. It is our moral responsibility to help them become entrepreneurs. Your wealth creation will be a result of bringing a valuable product or service and improving the quality of life of your users. For this, you need all the help you can get. I hope these blogs help you in your entrepreneurial journey.